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    July 14th, 2008tomasEnglish, NEWS, Politica

    sarkozy, bush, merkel, berlusconi

    Land for the production of energy…we can not be dependent of oil anymore, we should stop the production of CO2, otherwise our shores will be flood, our ecosystems will crash. Al Gore, George Bush, Lula da Silva…and more genius have given their opinion about our planet, they are our leaders, the G8, Berlusconi, Sarkozy…how lucky we could be?, we are in the best hands that we could be.

    This is totally clean people, low energy consumption, low budget operation, good examples for the next generations, they do not repeat our previous mistakes, they understood how the new times are demanding new solutions, new strategies and new ways to deal with the reality. No more imperial attitude, we are all the same, no difference according to our culture, race, social status…same opportunities for all…how lucky we could be?, we have green leaders.

    We are happy to read their stories in newspapers, blogs, websites…watch TV, listen radio..we need entertainment since we forgot why we are here. Is it to have a car? a house? a family? the computer? FAME? be good? be bad?…we need to know indeed? is a matter of questions not about answers.

    Meanwhile I write from my laptop made out of 65% of oil, seated in a nylon and plastic based chair and desktop, connected through cables made of some polymer, acrylic, bottles, buttons, mouse, pen, cd, fan, air conditioner, tire, door, key, lamp, machine, printer, bag, book…it is about energy and moving things?

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